Cucumber Basil Salad

cucumber basil salad

This is a simple recipe that I love to eat during the summer. I like to chill it in the fridge and eat it on my patio. For this recipe I used organic tomatoes from my parents garden and purple basil from my herb garden, any basil variety will work though.

The ingredients are simple:
2-3 basil leaves, cut fine with kitchen scissors
1 tomato, diced
1 cucumber peeled and sliced
2-3 tablespoons balsamic or apple cider vinegar

Just mix these wonderful garden ingredients ingredients together and enjoy under the sun.


Zesty Southwestern Kale Chips

zesty southwestern kale chips

Have you ever been to Whole foods, or Trader Joes and said “Damn. Those Kale chips are expensive!” I like affordable health food and those words have definitely come out of my mouth. But the Kale chips, when done right… They’re simply amazing. So I hacked the recipe. I got two different brands of Kale chips and my mom and I made a hybrid recipe which is yum yum yum. Here it is:

Kale (we were able to use at least 3 heads of it)
1 red pepper
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon cayenne
2/3 cup chia seeds
2/3 cup flax seeds
1/2 container mellow white miso paste
1/2 cup nutritional yeast (I bought mine on amazon)
3 tablespoons lemon juice
approx 2/3 cup water
8.5 oz cashews
a couple of dashes of tapatio

This is so easy you won’t believe it. Wash your Kale and then pat it dry and tear or cut it into bite sized pieces. Take all ofthe other ingredients. Put them in your food processor and turn it on. Once you have created a paste, slather (I used my hands) the past on to the Kale leaves.

Put in a food dehydrator for 8 hours. Or you can google how to cook them in the oven

Boom, Kale chip deliciousness.

I stored my chips in ziploc bags. They didn’t last long.

Easy Bodybuilder Meals

bodybuilder prep

When I have the time I absolutely love to cook fun, clean dishes. Lately though, I haven’t had a ton of time to cook or even prep a bunch of different meals.

It is very easy to gradually fall off of the clean eating bandwagon with eating out because you don’t have the time. For me it starts out with “oh it’s okay, I’ll just get a salad.” and then graduates into “eh, why not!” Before I know it I’m noticing a pound or two on the scale.

So here is my go to “get back on track” clean body builder meal. It is crazy simple: 1 cup of steamed carrots and broccoli, 1/3 cup quinoa, 4 oz of bbqed chicken seasoned with mustard and sprinkled with mrs dash.

Now eating this 3-4 times a day every three hours is a surefire way to get bored right? For me, I usually keep it interesting– I’ll add a dollup of organic sour cream and some siracha, leah peters’ sauce (mustard+stevia+sracha) or some homemade balsamic dressing. You could even add a tablespoon of peanut butter, a splash of apple cider vinegar and some sesame seed oil to make a thai peanut sauce.

Be creative! The possiblities are endless! Please leave me a comment to share some other sauces you try!

Cowboy Caviar

cowboy caviar
I stumbled across some recipes similar to this called “cowboy caviar” on Pinterest, so that’s what I’m calling it. It’s a great vegetarian way to get your healthy fats in.

1 1/2 cup corn
10 cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup cilantro, diced
2 avocados, diced into med squares
1/8 cup diced red onion
a dash of lime juice
1 can pinto beans (or black beans)
tapatio to taste

1. Gather all ingredients. get fresh organic, non gmo ingredients if possible. In my case I had to use canned corn and pintos. If you’re on the same boat, WASH the corn/beans in a strainer. Canned veggies are loaded with sodium. By rinsing them you reduce the sodium content. You’re abs and blood pressure will thank you for taking this step.
2. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and serve with a dash of tapatio.

A note about GMOs: Okay, as my introduction states, I clean eating is a fairly new adventure for me. I have been exploring healthy foods and trying to feed my body only the best, safest ingredients. I am not sure how I feel about GMOs quite yet. It is EXTREMELY difficult to find non gmo corn or soy! I’m not lucky enough to live near a whole foods, so I haven’t had the chance to check out their selection. That said, use your own judgement and buy what you think is best for your body.

Simple Protein Pancakes

protein pancakes

Please excuse my crappy iphone pic. One day I’ll update this post with a better shot.

When I found out about this version of pancakes my heart skipped a beat. I’m not going to lie. I really like sugar. I, however, cut added sugar out of my diet. I like these pancakes because they use bananas as a natural source of the sweet stuff 🙂

Here are a few other reasons I love them:

1: They are gluten free
2: They are High protein
3: I get tired of eating scrambled eggs for breakfast
4: they are easy to make
5: Who doesn’t LOVE banana pancakes?
6: They give me an excuse to consume nutella (in extreme moderation, but still!)

I could keep going, but I’m already being annoying. Without further adieu: Simple protien pancakes!!

Ingredients: (to serve one person)
*1 large banana
*egg whites equivilent to 2 large eggs
*non stick cook spray (preferably using a misto to avoid disgusting chemicals)

1. Using a magic bullet or other blender add both ingredients.
2. blend until smooth (but do not over blend)
3. Heat a non stick pan on high. spray it with nonstick spray. Pour batter to make pancakes that are approximately 5 inches in diameter.
4. wait. these pancakes take longer to cook than your avergage everyday stacks. Take a deep breath and give it some time.
5: carefully flip the pancake. The second side will cook slightly faster than the first.
6: Remove on a separate plate. Let it cool. These guys get nice and hot so give it some time.
7: repeat until all of the batter is gone. It should make 3-4 mini pancakes.

*if your pancakes seem really thin try adding 2 TB almond flower
*your pancakes might come out on the dark side, this is fine. Mine often come out dark, but they taste fine.
*Dont overblend your pancakes. The blender will fluff them up with air and they won’t cook as well.

I eat these bad boys after I hit the gym in the morning. Given my hours, this is also my bedtime. But they’re kind of like dessert. If I’m feeling like I need and extra treat, I dip a fork in nutella and dab some on top of my pancake stack (a little nutella goes a LONG way!)

Spicy Butternut Squash Skillet (Vegetarian)

Spicy Butternut Squash Skillet (Vegetarian)

My parents had a bunch of butternut squash from their garden and I took one home. I’ve never cooked butternut squash before and the only thing I could think of making was a heavy creamy, fatty soup, which sounds fantastic but is a big clean eating no-no. I opted for ADVENTURE and came up with this fun protien packed, vegetarian skillet. I think I enjoyed it more than creamy soup. Next time I have a spare butternut squash,however I’m going to make a clean version of the covetted soup.

Here’s what you need:
*1/2 butternut squash
*1 cup of quinoa, cooked (=about 1 1/2-2 cups after cooking)
*1/4 cup cilantro chopped
*1/4 cup onion diced
*2 cloves of garlic
*2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
*sriracha to taste (I used about 1/4 cup)
*1 cup of organic corn
*1 cup of black beans
* 1 tablespoon cumin
* 1 tablespoon chile powder

Squash Prep:
1. Preheat oven to 400
2. Cut butternut squash in half lengthwise. Remove seeds.
3. Pour 1/2 cup of water into a large baking dish. Place squash halves, flesh side down, in the dish.
4. bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until squash is tender and can be pierced with a knife easily
5. set aside and let cool for at least 20 minutes
6. Take 1/2 of the squash. peel skin from squash. I did this using a paring knife.
7. Dice the squash to desired size

Skillet Instructions:
1. Set skillet on medium-high. Add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
2. saute onions and garlic
3. Add diced butternut squash and brown it. sprinkle chile powder and cumin on top of squash.
4. Add quinoa and turn the heat up to high to brown.
5. Add the corn and beans. Continue stirring to warm corn and beans.
6. Add desired amount of sriracha. The sriracha gives the dish flavor that compliments the sweet flavor of the butternut squash, so don’t be shy with it. If you can’t handle the spicy flavor of sriracha I recommend adding some tapatio or diced green chiles instead(but I havent tried it).
5. top with chopped cilantro.
6. Enjoy!

This is a really great dish if you want to eat a hearty vegetarian meal. The quinoa is a fabulous source of protein especially when paired with black beans.

Oh yes, and this recipe leaves you with half a butternut squash, as it only uses half. What should you do with it? I’m not sure what I’m going to do with mine yet, that’s why the blog is called clean eating ADVENTURES 🙂 I hope you use your other half for an adventure of your own!

Low Carb, Gluten Free Pizza

Low Carb, Gluten Free Pizza

yes. thats right. p.i.z.z.a. I LOVE me some pizza. This pizza is even better than pizza,pizza, because it makes me feel less guilty.

…and of course it features my best friend, Mr. cauliflower. (this is how I really talk in the kitchen–ask my roommate. He’s a chef so we’re always playing in the kitchen together) why? because the more fun you have in the kitchen the better the food tastes.

1 head of cauliflower
1 tablespoon italian seasoning (or more to taste)
1/2 cup egg whites
1 1/2 shedded cup mozzerella cheese
1/4 cup cooked quinoa (optional)
delicious pizza sauce and toppings of your choice. I reccommend artichoke hearts and basil and onion and garlic and cheese of course.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees with pizza stone in it.

1. in a cuisinart blend cauliflower until it is the consistency of rice. Pat dry with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.
2. in a microwave safe bowl, mix cauliflower, cheese, italian seasoning, egg white and quinoa
3. cover with saran wrap and microwave for 8 minutes
4. With a spatula, mix up the cauliflower. it should look like melty mushy deliciousness.
5. LAy out a piece of parchment paper and spray with non stick cooking spray. (or you can rub it with some cocnut oil if you want to be super healthy.)Then, form the crust to the desired size. I was able to make 3 personal sized pizza crusts with my cauliflower mixture. If you’re going larger, you might use it all. The crust should be about 1/2 inch thick
6. Place the pizza crust and parchment paper on top of the pizza stone. Cook for approximately 10 minutes until brown. You can also broil it on high and watch it to see when it browns. I prefer to broil.
7. Carefully remove the crust still on the parchment paper (but leave the stone in the oven)
8. Place the pizza upside down on a plate. Carefully peel the parcment paper from the bottom.
9. Using a second plate flip the pizza crust over. Set it on a fresh piece of parchment paper. Place it on the pizza stone and broil on high until brown.
10. Remove the pizza crust from the oven. Add desired sauce and toppings. Retunr to the oven and broil on high to reach desired meltification.

Now you can eat the pizza or, freeze it for later.

Isn’t it great to guiltlessly enjoy pizza. This crust has a much fewer calories and carbs than a traditional crust. I would give you the comparison but
1: I’m too lazy
2: I’m too busy eating pizza
3: I don’t believe in counting calories, because when you eat clean you don’t have to.